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The Wind-plant Integrated System Design and Engineering Model (WISDEM) includes integrated assemblies for the assessment of system behavior of wind turbines and plants. These assemblies can be used as is, but a richer use-case involves treating the assemblies as temples, modifying the source code and OpenMDAO problems to answer specific research questions. For example, any variable in these assemblies can be a design variable, an objective, or part of a constraint in a multidisciplinary optimization. WISDEM should therefore be viewed a toolbox of analysis tools and the basic structure for connecting tools across subsystems and fidelity levels, which can be extended in a multitude of directions according to the user’s needs.


WISDEM ® is licensed under Apache Version 2.0.


This software is provided as-is and without warranty. There are no guarantees it is bug free or provides the correct answers, even if it is used for the intended purpose. By using this software and as a condition of the Apache license, you agree to not hold any WISDEM developer liable for damages.


For software issues please use the Github Issues Tracker. For functionality and theory related questions and comments please use the NWTC forum for Systems Engineering Software Questions.

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